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Premium Rehab Center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Live Life Rehabilitation Center (Nasha Mukti Kendra) is a well appreciated and renowned Premium and Luxury Rehab Center in Ahmedabad. We here provide a permanent solution for de-addiction treatment for fatal addictions like Alcohol Use Disorder (Alcohol addiction), Drug Addiction, Gambling Addiction and others. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment includes permanent solution for treatment of all kinds of alcoholic beverages including Heavy English Alcohol, Beer, Country Liquor and other different alcoholic beverages.

Drug Addiction Treatment Program includes De-Addiction and Detoxification treatment for removal of drug addictions like MDMA, LSD, Pills, Cocaine, Heroin, Hash (Charas), Marijuana (Weed or Ganja) and other psychodalic drugs.

In Ahmedabad, the journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is deeply personal and unique for each individual. Recognizing the pressing issue of substance abuse, a significant number of alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers have been established throughout the city. These centers are dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming addiction and reclaiming a life free from dependence. 

Ahmedabad boasts various authorized rehabilitation centers, each offering specialized programs tailored to address the diverse needs of those struggling with addiction. Additionally, the community has launched numerous online campaigns and offline events aimed at dispelling the stigma associated with drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. These initiatives work tirelessly to foster understanding and support for individuals seeking help in Ahmedabad.

Among the prominent rehabilitation centers in the city is Live Life—an exemplary facility offering luxury recovery services. Founded in 2010, Live Life stands out for its voluntary, non-clinical approach, emphasizing personalized, one-on-one programs. Led by individuals in recovery and renowned therapist Harish Keni, with over 20 years of experience, Live Life provides a compassionate and holistic environment where individuals can acquire the necessary tools to address their challenges and embark on a journey to sobriety.

In Ahmedabad, these efforts reflect a community-wide commitment to addressing addiction with empathy, support, and effective intervention strategies.

How Can Our Rehabilitation Program Help

The alcohol addiction treatment program at Live Life Rehab Center objectively focuses on providing a comprehensive de-addiction treatment for the diease of Alcoholis or Alcoholic Use Disorder.
Irresponsible alcohol consumption is responsible for 5.9% of total deaths and circa 5.1% of the global burden of injury and disease. Research by the Frontiers in Public Health shows that India is the world’s third-largest market for alcoholic drinks, with an estimate of 16 crore alcohol users. 
As alcohol consumption soars in India, most users have found themselves trapped in alcohol dependency and addiction. Addiction and dependency are conditions that can often affect the user’s physical and mental health. 
Alpha Healing Center in India is elevated with a purpose to provide world-class inpatient treatment center for alcohol addiction, with the help of highly qualified counselors and unique treatment programs. It offers the most effective and long term alcoholism recovery treatment to individuals struggling with alcohol use problems.

Our Treatment Process and Services

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